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TANDEM_MARK_RGBTandem is a marketing company, but not a traditional, “full service” agency.  By this we mean we don’t pretend to have all the resources in-house to serve all your possible needs.  (We’re planners and doers, but not fortune-tellers!)

Instead, we make custom recommendations — resources, platforms, and tactics — to fit the project at hand, based on clients’ goals, timeline and budget.

Our network of smart, enthusiastic, collaborative professionals is deep and always growing. From copywriters and designers, to developers and SEO analysts, Tandem project contributors are highly capable and fun to work with.

Here are the folks on the back of the Tandem bike:

Shelley Steigerwald

Shelley Steigerwald

Shelley Steigerwald: Strategy, Planning + Project Management

Shelley worked with amazing mentors and teammates for over a decade in a variety of marketing roles for big brand companies. From sales support to brand management, from product marketing to consumer engagement, Shelley knows firsthand what it takes to plan and execute integrated marketing campaigns.

She consulted for a number of businesses large and small, agencies, and nonprofits before launching Tandem. Shelley loves to create, synthesize, organize, and act.

She’s freakishly fast with Excel and earned her MBA from Babson.

Follow Shelley:

twitter twitter @shelsteiger
linkedin linkedin.com/in/shelley


Adam Sanders

Adam Sanders

Adam Sanders: Social Media + Communications

January 2015 update: Adam took a full-time role with a Tandem client, in light of Shelley’s parenting sabbatical. He still moonlights on projects as needed. 

Adam’s specialties are social media and written communications. He has a knack for picking up projects mid-stride and maintaining a creative slant on how to achieve a client’s goals.

He has a BS in simulation and digital entertainment from University of Baltimore and spent several years as a counselor for adults with developmental disabilities. Adam’s favorite projects pay in micro-brews or Starbucks gift cards.

Follow Adam:

twitter twitter @dradamsanders
linkedin linkedin.com/in/dradamsanders


David Steigerwald

David Steigerwald

David Steigerwald: Operations + Finance

Dave is our operations guy. He keeps Tandem’s gears well-oiled, managing all finance, legal, and IT systems. He’s also married to Shelley so there’s a lot more emotional support and cheerleading going on in his daily activities than your typical operations director.

Dave’s a relentless optimist and a pure entrepreneur, constantly coming up with ways to solve problems big and small.

Follow Dave:

linkedin linkedin.com/in/dsteigerwald


And more…

This is not even close to a complete list of the many awesome people who have contributed to and continue to work on projects with the Tandem team.

Please contact us if you’re looking for referrals.

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