Case Studies

Below are three stories of Tandem’s work with an international corporation, a startup, and a small business. The strategic planning process is always the same but the outcomes are very different.

I. An international marketing director for an established software company was planning a series of new product launches, to expand into a new industry.

The team was equipped to implement traditional marketing tactics, but they needed guidance on how to craft an inbound marketing campaign.

The director, based in Japan, hired Tandem to design and roll out a 12-month social media and content marketing plan to the North American market.

Project objectives:

  • increase brand awareness
  • leverage existing brand positioning
  • grow website traffic
  • advise stakeholders on content marketing best practices

Project deliverables:

  • inbound marketing strategy
  • new blog + content calendar
  • social media operations
  • internal processes + controls

As a result, the client now has a blog, a focused editorial calendar, a consistent voice on key social media channels, and an ever-increasing opportunity to engage with prospective customers.

Moving forward, Tandem will continue to develop the brand’s presence through content creation and curation, social media operations, and ongoing strategic planning.

Side project: Tandem was also asked to make a number of campaign recommendations on how to leverage an industry report, which was sponsored by the client and published by a respected research firm.

We developed a number of creative ways to repurpose the piece (infographics, Slideshares, guest blog posts, webinars, live events, and interviews), and we worked together to prioritize tactics, based on available resources and expected impact.

II. An entrepreneur with a concept for an innovative consumer app needed to quantify market demand and generate interest from the investment community.

Tandem was brought in early to perform market research, create a starter logo and positioning statement, and design a campaign to generate a list of beta users.

Project objectives:

  • create a consumer brand
  • validate market assumptions
  • build a list of customers

Project deliverables:

  • product/market fit survey
  • positioning, product name, logo, taglines
  • campaign design + execution
  • landing page, PPC ads, email drip campaign
  • print pieces
  • explainer video
  • social media operations
  • customer data analysis

As a result of Tandem’s strategy and execution, 1,500 customers joined the wait list in the first 6 weeks. We were able to provide insightful data to inform the product development roadmap and evidence of strong market demand.

Moving forward, Tandem is advising the growing startup on direct marketing, branding, communications, and product design.

III. A small business owner knew he needed to generate new business, and had a strong desire to take the company to its next stage of maturity.

His team had an abundance of ideas but they were easily distracted by daily operations. He also recognized their own inexperience with online marketing and branding disciplines.

The owner and his operations director hired Tandem to focus the team’s marketing efforts toward growth. We conducted the Tandem Process to form a strategy, brand positioning, and priorities.

Project objectives:

  • Improve branding + operations
  • Design + implement an integrated marketing plan
  • Tap new channels for generating business
  • Grow the team’s marketing competencies

Project deliverables:

  • positioning platform, branding audit
  • integrated marketing plan
  • rebranding (logo redesign, photography, collateral, templates, online profiles)
  • social media marketing operations
  • new website, blog video series, blog editorial calendar
  • direct mail campaigns
  • new hire for internal marketing role

Six months in, it became clear the team needed a full time marketing lead to manage the recommended campaigns and infrastructure enhancements. Tandem crafted the job description, participated in the selection process, and brought the new hire up to speed.

Eighteen months in, the company closed on its best year ever. New leads were traced directly to their new Yelp profile, redesigned direct mailers, and other specific efforts. Overwhelmingly positive feedback has the team confident their decision to invest in a rebranding effort is paying off.

Tandem continues to provide strategic planning support, social media operations, and project management services.

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