Plot Twist: A Sabbatical in 2015

Here, in the midst of Winter Storm Juno, the #deflategate scandal, and waning waves of content-marketing-trends-that-will-take-over-the-world-in-2015 articles, I expect this post to serve as a quasi time capsule in addition to a company announcement.

Our small team is about to get a very small addition in about 8 weeks: a baby boy!

What does that mean for business? Here’s what we know:

1. Tandem won’t take on any new clients until September 2015. 

At that point, we will revisit capacity in light of our new little boss’s demands. New business opportunities through referrals will be prioritized over RFPs.

2. Existing clients are taking a variety of paths, depending on their needs.

One client snatched up our project and social media manager Adam, hiring him full-time to develop their lead gen channels. (Congrats, Adam!)

Some are shifting operational responsibilities to internal resources, rolling solo with the marketing plans we set up together.

For others, we are transitioning talented marketing superstars like Gwen and Rebecca into place, to continue strategic guidance and project management services.

3. We’re parking the Tandem Blog.

There will certainly be lots of stories to share in the coming year, but my focus may be more in line with swaddling techniques and sleep deprivation than marketing strategies and tactics.

I’d like to try to stay active in marketing discussions on Twitter (no guarantees).

4. This year is a wildcard, but Tandem is not riding off into the sunset just yet.

Working on marketing strategies and action plans is something I’d do for fun. “Are you going back to work?” is a question pregnant women face often. But either my friends know me all too well or the rush I get from losing myself in a project is obvious enough — I haven’t been asked once.

I plan to be back in the saddle as soon as my mothering training-wheels come off. (Do they ever? At least once I find a rhythm…)

Regardless, I’m lucky to be in a field where part-time projects are completely viable, thanks to a generation of women ahead of me who have set the precedent.

In the meantime, wish us luck as we navigate parenthood! See you on the flipside.

Tandem pillow

  1. Congratulations, Shelley!!!

  2. How exciting, congratulations!

  3. Bernie Horn says

    Congratulations Shelley! It’s been a while but glad to see life is moving ahead and the next generation is off to a strong start. All the Best, Bernie.


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