What to Expect from the Tandem Blog

hello worldThe plan is to use this blog as a space to explore marketing trends, share experiences from the field and answer your marketing questions.


Trends will include: content marketing best practices, search engine optimization tips, social and mass media, customer experience management, segmenting and targeting, brand management and up-and-coming tactics that haven’t even been coined yet.  See something new or different and want to know the scoop?  Let me know what catches your eye and we can examine it here.


Experiences will include: client case studies, challenges, sticking points, decisions and success stories.  These are peeks behind the curtain to illustrate how marketing strategies are implemented in real business settings.  Product teams, startups and grown-up businesses all have marketing needs, but roll things out in very different ways.


Q+A topics will range from “Would being on Pinterest work for my business?” to “How do I get to page 1 on Google?” to “Should I focus on new lead generation or client retention?”  Or really anything else you want ask about marketing strategy and tactics.  (Sorry, I can’t help you with meaning of life questions.  Still working that out myself!)

Unless otherwise noted, posts are written by me, Shelley Steigerwald.

I hope these ideas sound interesting to you!  Please send feedback so the blog can continually improve.  What do you want to read about?  What’s missing from your blog feed?

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