Working Together

The common thread among Tandem clients is that they are open to trying something new. Cross-pollinating ideas and borrowing best practices from various industries helps you—the owner of a product, service or entire business—choose the most applicable frameworks and tools for your goals.

Tandem is a good fit for:


Startups and teams building new products or services need to have a strong brand-building strategy and clear go-to-market plans.


Established teams often need outside guidance, tactical insights, specific project support or a strategic marketing boost.

The Tandem Process

The first phase establishes a strategy: the who, what + why. The second phase is the tactical plan based on your available resources: the how, where + when.

Throughout the project, we’ll stay in sync with regular communication and multiple in-person or virtual sessions.

The tasks Tandem is responsible for typically look like this:

  • define your target market and value proposition, based on your industry expertise and our analysis of the competition
  • identify how best to connect with your target customers
  • evaluate overall budget and available resources
  • document the decisions so all marketing messages going forward are consistent and build on the same strategy
  • scope a 6-, 9- or 12-month marketing plan, depending on your phase of business

What you’ll get:

1) A Solid, Smart Marketing Strategy
2) A Practical, Actionable Marketing Plan

End-to-end, the process takes about 6 to 8 weeks.


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